Lens edge painting equipment

mod. ATVELE Equipment designed and built for the locking and rotation of the lenses for edge painting.   Main features: Weight: kg.10 Dimensions: (LxDxH) 300 x 200 x 430 mm

Lens blow equipment

mod. SOFFIOLENTI Pneumatic equipment for cleaning lenses by an air blow.   Main features: Weight: kg. 5 Dimensions: (LxDxH) 100*100*280 mm  

Aging test tumbling machine

MOD.BURATTOSAF Machine built to smoothing frames to simulate aging. The pieces will be subjected to the nickel release test. Main feautures Weight kg 79 Supply Voltage 230V 50Hz Dimensions (LxHxD) 700*650*600h mm

Polishing machine

MOD.PD The polishing machine has two working stations and it’s equipped with. 2 motors at 2,4 hp with inverter revs) two suction cowls with fan at 1 hpimmediately stop of motor in 23/1000 of second two neon lights Main feautures Dimensions 1200*800*1450mm Voltage supply 400v 50Hz Weight: 147kg

Angleing milling machine (plastic or metal)

MOD.MFAFP This machine has been specially designed for semi-automatic  lug/temple angleing cutting on plastic or metal frames. This machine is equipped with touch screen and cooling system. You can adjust the cutting angle, the number of revolutions  and the speed of progress. The pliers could be controlled by buttons, pedal and automatically with the exit […]

Manual angleing milling machine (plastic or metal)

MOD.MIC Machine designed for the manual lug/temple angleing cutting on plastic or metal frames.  Wide range of adjustment of the support grippers holding the part to be cut. Equipped with position indicators for an easier set up. Main features: Production 500 pcs/hr Motor speed: adjustable from 1000 to 2800 rpm Weight 85 kg Dimensions (LxHxD) […]

Vertical bench milling machine

MOD.MFC3DR This is a semi-automatic, electronic vertical bench milling machine for: -clean the groove from the soldering residue -create the groove in the acetate frames -realize the temple radius It is equipped with inverter and electrical spindle that allows a continuous adjustment of the rotation speed of the spindle up to 24,000 revs/min. The rotation […]

Semi-automatic Screwdriver with Lubrication system

MOD.AVV Semi-automatic, electro-pneumatic machine for fitting of screws on the temples, hinges and closing blocks. Allows the insertion, the screwing and the tightening to a pre-set torque of screws with a length of 2- 6 mm., diameter of 1-2 mm and head of 1.6 – 3 mm. The machine has a reversible system which let […]

Manual screwdriver

MOD. AVVMAN Electric screwdriver machine for the fitting of screws on rims and temples.Iit has a touch screen which allows the operator to define the working cycle ( screw and unscrew). All data are recorded in the data bank. The use is very easy and you could adjust the torque and the speed using the […]

Temple-tips bending machine

MOD.MTB Electro-pneumatic machine built to bend the  e temples -tips on metal or plastic frames. Controlled by a pedal. Adjustment system for the cycle time for perfect adaption to different materials. Main features Weight 58 kg Dimensions mm 600*400*450h Working pressure 6-8 bars Air consumption 180 litres/hr Cycle time 4 sec. Voltage supply 230V 50Hz