Semi-automatic Screwdriver with Lubrication system


Semi-automatic, electro-pneumatic machine for fitting of screws on the temples, hinges and closing blocks.
Allows the insertion, the screwing and the tightening to a pre-set torque of screws with a length of 2- 6 mm., diameter of 1-2 mm and head of 1.6 – 3 mm.
The machine has a reversible system which let you loosen the screw after torque.
To use it, it requires only positioning the hole in which the screw must be inserted in the reference pin provided, and all the remaining operations are carried out in automatic mode.

Main features

Hourly production 500-800 pcs/hr
Weight 41 kg
Dimensions (LxHxD) 475x560x490 mm
Voltage supply  230V 50 Hz
Max. power requirement 180 W
Working pressure 4-6 atms
Air consumption 150 litres/hr


lubrification system for screw (MOD.AVVL)