Temple-tips crushing machine

MOD.MTTE Pneumatic machine built to crush the final part of the metal temple in order to lock the plastic temple-tip on it. It’s possible to define the time of pressing, the position and the thickness you want to obtain. Main features Weight kg. 29 Dimensions mm 450*300*350

Modular printing machine

MOD.TAMPMODU The modular printing machine is semiautomatic and electro-pneumatic, suited to the silk-screen reproduction by copying. It is suitable for marking lensees, glasses and temple-tips, bit it is easily adaptable to operate on a wide range of materials and surfaces.The pressure exercised on the stamper is adjustable, as is the cycle time. The positioning in […]

Belt- stamping machine

MOD.MPC Semiautomatic machine for the engrave of word or symbols on plastic frames, temple-tips, pvc templates, glasses cases and plastic items in general. it is equipped with a belt support,a step by step motor for the belt progression control, a tool support applied to an heating element and a themostat for the stamping temperature control. […]

Cutting machine for nylon wire pieces

MOD.MTNY Electro-pneumatic machine for cutting the nylon wire. It is controlled by a PLC and equipped with a touch screen panel which let you control the number of pieces, the length and the advancement speed of the wire. The pneumatic cutter is in hardened steel with personalized guide and a slide for the collection of […]

Tumbing machine

MOD.BURATTO2B2M Automatic machine to carry out the steps of the tumbling, available for plastic or metal frames. The rotating drums are built in beech tree wood and are separated in the center. Equipped with 2 independent motors  and touch  screen to define the working parameters. Main features Barrel Dimensions: 600*1200 mm Dimensions (LxDxH) 1660*850*1930 mm. […]

Tapping Machine

MOD. MFT Machine designed and manufactured for tapping of the holes in the closing blocks and in all frame components. The motor is at 2800 revisions. The machin eis available also in the vertical version with high adjustment and 15 mm work run. Main feautures Weight 9 kg Dimensions (LxHxD) 100*300*270 mm. Supply voltage 230 […]

Nose milling machine

MOD.MFN2B The nose piece cutting machine is an electropnuematic machine designed and manufactured to carry out semi-automatically the cutting of the nose-pieces, and lugs . It makes a milling on both side and for each it is possible to define indipendently the position, the dept, the inclination and the shape. Main feautures Weight 365 kg […]

Equipment for cutting and drilling «nylon» type rims

MOD. MTN Pneumatic equipment for cutting and drilling rims for the “Nylon” type spectacles. With manual loading and unloading, you can carry out work on two pieces simultaneously. Being equipped with all the completely adjustable positioning and reference systems, it allows precise and universal positioning. Main features: Production 1000 cicles/h Holes diam. 0.7 mm Intra […]

Milling machine for “V” shape cut of closing blocks

MOD.MFV3IDOPPIA Semi-automatic double  machine for  “V”- notched closing bloc cut. Equipped with electro-pneumatic movements controlled by oildynamic brakes. Self-centring grippers with adjustment of the openings. Very adaptable: allows cutting of any  type of monoblock just by replacing the reference plate. The machine is available with a cutting angle of 140° .All the parameters are defined […]

Universal electro-pneumatic milling machine

MOD.MFU The MFU is an electro-pneumatic machine for the cut of parts of frames like temples and lugs and it could have a cooling circulation system for the milling cutters. It is equipped with a vertical gripper controlled by PLC. All the advancing speed could be adjust by oli-dynamic brakes. It’s possible do the electronic adjustment […]