Metal frame crowning machine


The crowning machine has been specially designed and produced for the crowing on the metal rims. It has manual loading system and an automatic expulsion system of the worked component. The setting up operations can be immediately and quickly carried out.

It requires minimal maintenance.

It has a productivity of about 1000 pieces/hour.
“Standard 70×73 “cones” and “cups” can be used, and on request versions for using “cups” and “cones of other sizes are available.

General features and components supplied:
adjustment of the descent speed of the cone
adjustment of the air jet
adjustment of the pressing time
two-handed work control
piece counter

Available also in the electro-pneumatic version with safety bar.

Main features:

Dimensions(L x P x H) 340*300*700
Weight 59 Kg
Working pressure 6-8 Bar
Air consumption 190 l/h
Working force 5000 N