Modular printing machine


The modular printing machine is semiautomatic and electro-pneumatic, suited to the silk-screen reproduction by copying.

It is suitable for marking lensees, glasses and temple-tips, bit it is easily adaptable to operate on a wide range of materials and surfaces.The pressure exercised on the stamper is adjustable, as is the cycle time.
The positioning in space of the piece-support plate and the positioning angle are easy to set up.
Modular machine max. with 3 units.

Main features

Dimensions (LxDxH) 170*510*600mm
Weight 34Kg.
Electrical supply 230 V 50 Hz
Max absorbed power  300 VA
Working pressure 4 bar
Air consumption 970 l/h
Max length of text 40 mm
Production 350 pieces/hr

Max. size of marking 40*30mm

Dimensions Cliqué 100*60*10mm[:]