Haas DT1 5 axes milling centre with SGM’s automation for milling of acetate frames


Milling center Haas DT1 at 5 axis with SGM’s automation for the milling of acetate fronts. It is equipped with:

  • plastic slab loader
  • clamp for the transfer of slab to the interior milling clamp
  • clamp for the tranfer of the pieces from above the clamp to the external milling clamp
  • clamp for the rotation of the frame
  • taper BT30
  •  20 positions tool changer
  • spindle at 20000 rmp
  • 750MB memory programs
  • USB exit
  • ethernet interface
  •  shaving’s evacuation system

Main features:

Weight kg 2800
Dimensions (LxDXH) mm 2100*2500*2600
Supply voltage 400V threephase+N

Cycle time 2,5min/frame