CNC 4 positions screwdriver


Electro-pneumatic machine for the fitting of screws on the temples, hinges and closing blocks.

Allows the insertion, the screwing and the tightening to a pre-set torque of screws with a length of 2- 6 mm,

diameter of 2 mm, the rests, which are personalized, have two positions (one for the right side and

one for the left side).

Every position have a movement which allows, on one side, the insertion of the screw on the lug and,

on the other side, the insertion of the screw on the temple.

The transversal and the longitudinal axes are electronically controlled.


Main features:

Weight: Kg 48

Dimensions (L*H*D): 475*560*490 mm

Hourly production: 500-800 pcs/hr

Supply voltage: 230V 50 Hz

Max. power requirement: 180 W

Working pressure: 4-6 atms

Air consumption: 120 litres/hr