NC machine with 4 axes for automatic milling of acetate temples

MOD. MCN 404

Numerically controlled machine with 4 axes with a 4 positions tool changer.  The machine was built to cut pieces from plastic lists (ex. Temples, parts for gluing..).

The axes are moved by Brushless motors assembled on recirculating-ball lad screws.

It is equipped with  an automatic loading system of plastic lists, an electric spindle with liquid cooling system and electric adjustment of the speed from 1000 to 30000 rev.

Main features:

  • Weight:     600 Kg
  • Dimensions:(LxHxD)  1100*2000*1400mm.
  • Voltage supply  400V three phases 50 HZ
  • Power:     5 Kw
  • Pressure:   7 atm
  • axis X travel     400mm
  • axis Y  travel   360 mm
  • axis Z  travel       190 mm
  • loading axis  travel    205  mm
  • Rev. of spindle: 30000
  • Spindle power: 2,2Kw
  • Max tool diam.:  ISO 20 D.10
  • Cycle time   15 sec/temple