Lug bending machine


The pneumatic lug bending machine is designed to carry out,  in a semi-automatic mode, the bending of metal frame lugs.

These can be carried out, on soldered and unsoldered lugs.
Equipped with an universal support and reference system anda locking and bending system. Versatile, easy to use, safe and virtually maintenance-free, it is equipped with all the settings and adjustments necessary to adapt to any metal and need.
It is easily adapted to bending special profiles, and through the shaping of the reference plate, allows the bending of small parts with a transverse angle.

Main features:

Weight Kg 95

Dimensions (LxHxP) 450*800*420 mm
Nominal Working pressure 6 atm
Minimum air flow 160 l/h
Locking force 2500 N
Bending force 750 N
Productivity rate 400-500 pcs/h.

Voltage supply 230V 50Hz