Double-milling machine for “v” shape cut


Semi-automatic  machine for the “V”-notched closing block cut.

Equipped with electro-pneumatic mechanism controlled by oil dynamic brakes.

Self-centring clamp with adjustable opening.

Very adaptable: allows cutting of any  type of closing-block  by simply replacing the reference plate. The machine is available with a cutting  angle of 140°. All the parameters are defined by easy to use  touch screen.


Main features:

Production                          450 pcs/hr

Weight                                132 kg

Height                                 500 mm.

Length                                 930 mm.

Depth                                  650 mm.

Voltage supply                    3~220 V 50 Hz

Power requirement            0.8 kW

Working pressure               6-8 bars

Air consumption                 85 litres/hr